I Can’t Help Feeling Sorry for Kong Hee After Reading His Latest Blog Post

On this twitter Kong Hee describes himself as “guy with a famous wife”, in his own words. He seems like a pretty down to earth approachable person to have amassed this many followers, even if there was a huge measure of idolizing.

The Straits Times reported that Pastor Kong Hee has broken his silence on his blog. I have placed extracts that I found interesting from it. No matter what I think (I don’t really know much about the City Harvest Church group or the religion or enough facts, to fairly make any comments), on some level, I feel sorry for anyone who is in trouble or who has taken a fall after being at the top. I don’t really care whether they are guilty or innocent (in his mind he probably thought he was doing everything right), I still feel some form of compassion for him, at this point. If I put myself in his shoes, I realize it’s just a hard place to be at.

I kinda always root for the underdog. I even feel a bit sorry for the BP CEO yesterday as he faced a unrelenting unhappy board. I totally can’t imagine the pressure and stress of being him and thank goodness that I’m not in his shoes. (On the other hand the mess he caused affects the US and the world and the irresponsibility of the behavior is mind boggling.) I just don’t know what’s wrong with me, I can’t help it. I suspect there are alot of women out there like me? But if the underdog turns around and becomes cocky, mean or aggressive, my pity evaporates.

June 18, 2010

Barely less than three weeks ago, the entire City Harvest congregation was basking in the immense success of the Asia Conference 2010. ………..In a short span of five days in May, the CHC congregation aptly displayed its unique DNA to the 25,245 delegates coming from 70 countries representing 2,086 churches……….

But what a difference a day makes …
The morning after the Asia Conference concluded, certain members of the church, including myself, were called to assist local authorities in an investigation into the management of church funds.

The page had turned. The celebration had abruptly ended.

Because we’re in the midst of the investigation, I am unable to provide any details about the progress besides what already has been released by the Singapore Police in their statement to the press. But I would like to assure everyone that I, together with the Management Board of the church, am fully cooperative in providing the necessary information needed for the investigation.
On a more personal note, I would also like to assure everyone that my family and I are doing well. I am awed by the concern that so many have shown during this time. I am also deeply grateful for the support and advice that has been so generously given. Thanks to all of your love and support, I’ve realized that this is the most opportune moment in my life to reflect on what matters most to me in my life: Faith, Family and Friends.

FAMILY. ……….Without my wife and son, I would be a poor man indeed.
FRIENDS. …………Their kind words and thoughtful insights have kept my spirits up during this time. Trust is such a precious commodity. To my friends both within and out of CHC who have chosen to trust in the intent of my heart, I can only say “Thank You.”

(Credit: The New Paper)

Earlier reports say that his wife, pop singer, Sun Ho, who flew down from the US, was grilled by authorities for 8 hours.

Wow I didn’t realize she was 40 till I read the reports. She sure looks good for a 40 year old – a regular asian Jennifer Aniston.

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