Icelandic Sea Blanket

We’ve been hearing so much about Iceland and it’s volcano, that I was delighted to come across this blanket by Icelandic designers in stunning cobalt blue.

It’s even made of Icelandic wool from Icelandic sheep which have naturally bare faces and legs unlike other sheep.

Don’t you just love the fun design of the anchors? Why are lovely things like these so expensive. I saw that it was being sold for almost USD$400 online – yikes. I wish something as enticing could be found at Ikea Singapore at Ikea prices.

The story behind the blanket is charming and reads like a fairytale:

The Seablanket
by Vik Prjonsdottir
The waters around Iceland serve as one of the best fishing grounds in the Atlantic Ocean. In the past, fishing boats from all over the European continent came up north to fish. Throughout the centuries, innumerable ships became stranded, men drowned and were engulfed by the ocean and the sea bed along the coast.

No wonder I am in love with everything Nordic. They must be born with creative genes or maybe the lack of sunlight helps? Scandinavian designs are inspired by nature and I just love their clean simple lines. I read somewhere that due to the shorter days designers use a lot of white and blonde wood to add light to a room. Colors also tend to pop when against a white background.

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