Inspiration for Thursday

I love gazing at beautiful photos. Decor photos that impress me the most are the affordable, simple clean scandinavian influenced rooms with a burst of color that gives it warmth. Also I like rooms that look cosy and lived in. A high end model show room can be visually beautiful, but feel uncomfortable and hard in reality. I get a lot of inspiration from Apartment Therapy which features cosy and chic homes.  Wish my home could be that pretty, airy and neat as well (I am also trying to get inspiration to do a major spring cleaning).

I love the splash of fushia and green in this room.

Pretty wall vases. What a nice idea.

{Image: Google}
There’s that gorgeous pale pink vintage rotary telephone again. I really like the two stacked vintage suitcases as a bedside table. That would be great for storage too.

I just had to add the picture of Carrie and Big’s New York apartment from Sex and the City 2, just so I could quote the fabulous line “I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture”. I love the shade of blue of those armchairs too.

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3 Responses to Inspiration for Thursday

  1. thinkpinktoo says:

    Love the pink walls and Carrie as usual has exceptional taste!

  2. bookjunkie says:

    it’s so hard to get the right shade for pink walls and feature wall..but the shades here work well.

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