Prince Michael Has Vitiligo Like His Father Michael Jackson

Prince Michael was noted to have a white patch under his arm that looked like a sign of the skin condition known as Vitiligo, that Michael Jackson suffered from as well.

I have always thought that all three children are Michael Jackson’s biological kids, even though it’s been disputed just because they look more white. I guess this should prove the detractors wrong. It was also confirmed that Michael Jackson suffered from this skin condition at his autopsy. It’s just sad that he was disbelieved during this lifetime and mocked. I also find the term Wacko Jacko that the media frequently used, so cruel.

I have believed his parentage even more strongly, due to my own personal experiences. I have relatives who suffer from this illness, Vitiligo, which had proven to be hereditary. I also know interracial kids who can look very white, but if you look closely they have the features of both parents. I don’t like how people always obsesses or focus on skin color. I find it highly offensive.

In an interview with ABC News, Joe Jackson said his son had vitiligo:

“Everybody tryin’ to make a big thing out of it … They say — ‘He try to paint his self white.’ That’s not true. Michael got vitiligo,” Joe Jackson said. “We saw it comin’ on him … at [an] early age. You know, just a little spot. My aunt had the same thing.”

See more pictures at The Daily Mail.

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  1. 365days2play says:

    Poor michael, vindicated only after he’s dead.

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