Orchard Road Dotted with National Day Flags

photo by bookjunkie

When I was in the US, I was impressed by the patriotism and the number of flags put up by ordinary folk.  Why there are even bikinis fashioned on the US flag, all done in the utmost patriotic spirit that I have a tinge of envy over. All I feel when I see Americans wearing their flag in various forms is that these people are truly proud of their country.  Why can’t we relax our rules on flags as well?  In my opinion all the strict rulings concerning how and when to display flags just thwarts patriotism.  (On another note I just love how green Orchard Road is…the more green I see the more I can breathe!)

Found all these rules about the flags I wasn’t really aware of and I am sure most people are not….laws in fact:

How it cannot be used or treated

  1. The flag cannot be used:
    1. in any trademark or for any commercial purpose;
    2. as a means, or for the purposes, of advertisement;
    3. as, or as part of, any furnishings, decoration, covering or receptacle;
    4. at any private funeral activity;
    5. incorporated or worn as part of any costume or attire; or
    6. on any private vehicle.
  2. No person shall produce or display any flag which bears any graphics or word superimposed on the design of the flag.
  • The flag should be cleaned when dirty, and replaced if it has faded. After any washing, it should not be hung out to dry outdoors together with other laundry. Any worn out or damaged flag should be disposed properly, not left visible in dustbins. Torn or worn-out flags should be packed into a sealed black trash bag before being disposed.
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    1. kierstens says:

      I think flag protocol is pretty standard for most nations, no? Even in my bikini-wearing flag country!!

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