Old-Fashioned Letter with a Stamp

I felt like I was on a cloud today. The postman delivered an old-fashioned letter from my dear friend in Perth.  Just holding the envelope in my hand and feeling the weight of it was a joyous thing.  I was wondering why an old-fashioned letter is so much better. I don’t like the term snail mail, because I find it sort of derogatory. It’s focusing on the fact that it’s slower than email, but leaving out all the tons of reasons why it is so wonderful. I’ll make the exception for these snail mail stickers sold on Etsy which are vintage and sweet.

Why Traditional Mail Beats Email – these are some that come to mind:

1. E actually had to take the trouble to write it physically and had to set aside some quiet time to do it.
2. She had to take the effort to buy a stamp, write out my address on an envelope, and go to the post box to post it.
3. Seeing her beautiful penmanship added a personal element to the letter and reminded me of her always caring personality.
4. With the letter she sent me actual photos that were developed. Photos sent by email can get easily lost, but these will be secure in my album.
5. The koala bear stamp was so pretty and it reminded me that these came with a little bit of love from Australia!
6. I will re-read the letter some time in the future so it’s like a little time capsule. Emails tend to get deleted when our computers konk off every 5 years.
7. Just the excitement of opening it.
8. It’s not another bill or junk mail! It was like finding a gem among the rubbish.

photo by bookjunkie

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