Samy’s Curry at Dempsey Village: South Indian Food on a Banana Leaf

The best South Indian Food can be found at Samy’s Curry at Dempsey Village. Only the service leaves much to be desired as there are too many staff around chatting loudly around you as you eat. Perhaps we sat at the wrong corner. I must say in their defense that they are pretty polite. I ordered masala chicken (1 piece) and fried mysore mutton (1 portion) while B ordered fried fish instead of mutton. The masala chicken was really spicy and good. I guess I haven’t been having spicy indian food in quite a while and have been craving for it. At the end of the meal we were way too full from all the steamed white rice. You are also provided with curried potato, dhal and chicken curry is poured over your rice. It’s all part of the set.

It’s lovely that there’s free parking here.  You just need to climb up the stairs through a leafy path to get to Samy’s Curry.

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The banana trees are so appropriate because the banana leaf is always associated with South Indian culture, and we’ll be eating on banana leaves at Samy’s. In my opinion food on a banana leaf always tastes better than food on a metal plate that some Indian restaurants use.

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You can chose to eat outdoors which is what I prefer. It’s pretty cool among the rotating fans and the lush greenery.

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If it’s too crowded outdoors there’s loads more room indoors as well.

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Doesn’t this look yummy? It’s messy looking, but oh so good. The perfect mixture of rice, vegetables, meat and spices. I always crush the appallum (fried South Indian crackers) onto the rice for that extra crunch. The milky tea helps in calming the fiery hotness of the spices.

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When you finish the meal, folding the banana leaf inwards towards you is considered polite. It means you’ve enjoyed the meal and will return. It’s the best disposable plate ever. It’s green too.

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It was relatively cool and windy outside, with the high ceiling and several fans on full blast.

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Walking out through the lush foliage again after a satisfying meal.

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This was the cost of the meal which came to less than $13 Singapore dollars per person:

Mysore Mutton $3.80
Fried Fish $3.80
Masala Chicken $4.20 x 2 = $8.40
Steamed White Rice with Vegetables $2.20 x 2 = $4.40
Ginger Milk Tea $2.00
Bottled Water $1.20
Tax – $1.65

Total Cost = $25.25 Singapore dollars

Samy’s Curry
Blk 25, Dempsey Road
Singapore 249670
60 Tessensohn Road
Tel: 6472 2080/ 6392 5157

Opening Hours : 11am-3pm ( Lunch ) and 6pm-10pm ( Dinner )

Closed on Tuesdays

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6 Responses to Samy’s Curry at Dempsey Village: South Indian Food on a Banana Leaf

  1. 365days2play says:

    Thanks for posting about this! I have been wondering if there were any changes to Samy now that Dempsey has been “urbanised”! I am really glad to see that it looks exactly the same! After all the rich western food I have been indulging in in the last few days, I really feel like going to Samy’s for some local flavours and rice!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Among all the south indian banana leaf restaurants I like this the best…because of the ambience. Somehow curries in air-conditioning doesn’t quite work. I do like Muthu’s for the mutton.

  2. J says:

    Wonderful! I have been wanting to go, but has been sceptical until now. How would you compare this place to Banana Leaf Apolo at Race Course Road?

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