Lindsay Lohan’s Misery in Jail

According to the UK Tabloid, The Mirror, Lindsay Lohan is having a very tough time in jail:

Cheryl Presser, 43, who was in there for car crime, told the Mirror: “The wards are cold and smelly – they stink. The air conditioning is turned up so high that you can’t sleep because of the cold. Inmates try and shove the air vents full of toilet paper to stop the air coming out, but it doesn’t work.
“Lindsay would lie there shivering all night, crying and trying to cover her face with her hands. Her wailing was keeping everyone awake.
“She is in with the killers and she has only been let out for hour-long breaks, and during those she was locked down to a table. Today (Friday), Lindsay got put on lockdown. While some of us got two hours to go to the yard, or the TV room, Lindsay was on total lockdown.
“She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling so she got put in isolation.”
It is understood the troubled celebrity, who received a visit from Ronson on Thursday afternoon, was briefly admitted to the nearby Lofts medical centre and checked over.
Another released inmate, who slept three beds away from Lindsay in the prison, added: “She was just sitting in her cell staring straight ahead. Sometimes wailing, but mostly just sitting.
“Some of the inmates in our ward, some of the tougher ones, were yelling ‘fire crotch’ at her.
“They just started chanting it at her. Lindsay didn’t say nothing. She was crying though.”

This is Lindsay Lohan’s jail cell. I feel claustrophobic just looking at it. People magazine reports that this is what her days are like at the Lynwood facility:

Most inmates at the Lynwood jail are kept in their cells for 22 hours a day, except for one hour of recreation time and 20 minutes per meal. The free-time hour can be spent watching TV in a common room, playing basketball in a recreation room, making phone calls or taking a hot shower.

Morning wake-up calls are at 5 a.m. through a blaring P.A. system. “Line up for chow! Make your bed! Tuck your shirts in! Hands in your pants! I want my military line with no talking! That’s how you start your day at Lynwood,” a former inmate tells PEOPLE.

Breakfast is served shortly thereafter and typically consists of two hard-boiled eggs, two pieces of wheat bread and an orange juice carton. Lunch is served around 10:30 a.m. and is often peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, an apple, banana or two cookies with a fruit punch carton.

Served around 5:30 p.m., a typical dinner (the only hot meal of the day) is processed chicken, what inmates have nicknamed “erasers,” served with noodles, broccoli, coleslaw and Jell-O for dessert. To drink: milk.

It’s nice that the Mad Men cast are compassionate about it. It must be really scary and traumatic for her to go to jail with the whole world watching, although it’s reported she will only do 2 weeks out of the 90 days she was sentenced to, due to overcrowding. I can’t help thinking of all the other young ladies in jail who are forgotten.


I have a feeling her career is going to turn around once Lindsay Lohan comes out of jail and rehab. She has already had some amazing photo shoots before she went in and is rumoured to also have done an interview with Vanity Fair which only covers A-list stars. Anyway the photo below is not of Linday but Shannon Click who looks like Lohan’s twin and appears in the Mexico July issue of Vogue. I found it fascinating that they look so much alike.

Lindsay modelling in 2008:

This young lady has been modelling since she was a sweet little baby. A photo she shared on a twitter account, from People. Makes you wonder, why do child stars always get so messed up. Do the parents get caught up in all the money their kids are raking in and don’t completely look after their interests? Or is it just bad influences in Hollywood.

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  1. 365days2play says:

    That doesn’t look too bad actually. It seems bright and clean enough. And if you have a bunk mate, at least there is someone to talk to, assuming the person isn’t a weirdo.

    Yeah I can’t understand why celebs find it so hard to toe the line. As much as they say they hate being in the limelight, their actions speak otherwise.

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