Yellow Bean Ham Chin Pang

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

I have to mention that the lady at the counter was abrupt and rude. I asked if she could heat up the bun and she just said no in a very annoyed manner.    I also had to stand at the counter for quite a while before she sauntered over grouchily.  (You can’t see her in the photo – I’m not that mean)

There used to be an older Singaporean Chinese woman in her 50’s who was very nice, service with a smile and everything, but she was not here today. I hope she has not been replaced. This makes me want to say that I think companies should think twice before replacing their older workers. In this country experience does not seem to be valued at all, especially when it comes to the people at the lower end of the pay scale. It’s really double standards.

I absolutely love green bean or as some people call it, yellow bean Ham Chin Peng.  It costs just 80 cents.  It’s really hard to find and I only managed to locate it at the food court You Tiao (dough fritter) stall at the Parkway Parade mall basement. It’s best when it’s just fried and the green bean melts in your mouth. It just goes super well with the sweet salty fried dough. My idea of carb heaven.

Sadly today the bun was not even warm, but since I was craving and it’s so hard to find this anywhere (they usually only sell the red bean version) I made do.  It kinda sucks when it’s cold, when you know it could be so good when it’s hot.

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