Jolie-Pitt Kids at Tokyo Airport

The Brangelina rainbow family always fascinate me with their uber cuteness.

What stylish tots, but Pax looks extra cute in his suit and missing front tooth.

{Image: This is London}

Maddox, 8 plays with Pax, 6 as Zahara, 5 looks amused. He seems to be squeezing Pax’s face.

{Image: Celebrity Gossip}

How she keeps in control of her brood prove to me that’s she’s really a superwoman.  I would be totally frazzled in the same situation.

It’s super cute how they are holding hands. They seem so happy.

{Image: Celebrity Gossip}

4 year old Shiloh looks like a mini Brad Pitt with the beauty of her mum as well. She seems extremely distracted by the paparazzi.  She’s probably wondering why everyone is so interested in them.  You can see more photos of the cuties at Just Jared.  Brad Pitt recently shared that:

“And Shiloh is growing up so fast. She likes boy’s clothes … I think she thinks she actually is a little boy! It is so funny. Our children bring us so much joy.”


Jolie, 35, acknowledged she once surprised her 8-year-old son Maddox with her disguise as a male naval officer in “Salt.”
He came into the room and reluctantly shook hands with the person he didn’t know was his mother.
“And I said, ‘Honey, it’s mommy,'” Jolie said.
“I think I freaked him out,” she said with a laugh, adding that he then watched her peel off her fake ears, hands and nose.
“I play these roles, but I’m always in every minute their mom first,” she said. “I’m a bit of a goofy. I’m funny at home, I think.”
Her children aren’t going to be seeing the movie, though.
“I think it’s very hard for them to see someone trying to kill their mom, even if she wins,” she said.

Read more about Angelina gushing over Brad being a wonderful dad and her kids playing with fake blood.

Update: People Magazine shows us how much Shiloh looks like dad in this side by side comparison.

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