Nantsuttei Hakata Pork Broth Ramen at Parco Millenia Walk

There are Ramen chains sprouting all over Singapore. To me that’s great, because it means more options. I also happen to love Ramen and it never fails to be a great soupy meal option, that’s not too heavy.

Every time I come to this relatively new Ramen Restaurant at Parco Millenia Walk, the seemingly unmoving queues put me off. But it also means that the noodles served here must be pretty special. Luckily we managed to get a seat today, without queuing – guess it was either our lucky day or the initial euphoria has worn off. The place soon became packed though.

Well if this ramen is worth the wait as most Singaporeans seem to indicate, then it must be darn good or close to what you get in Japan. I wasn’t disappointed. It was a new taste experience. The pork broth was very flavourful and it was like the pork bones were soaked for hours to produce the thick milky broth with the strong authentic taste.

There was a Japanese crew, busy at work, in the see through glass partitioned kitchen. It’s advertised that 7 kinds of roasted garlic is used in the broth. B suspected that miso was added as well to give the soup a grainier taste, but I’m not sure about that. The soup was an unusal blackish colour, from the roasted garlic oil. B also observed that the manager was also dressed like the mascot chef doll outside.

On the whole the noodles were dense and lovely – and tasted as yummy as they look. I did not care for the bean sprouts, but then again I just don’t like bean sprouts, period. The boiled egg was not as tasty and the yolk not as runny as what I had at Marutama, but then again the Marutama egg was seasoned with tea. I guess it’s also not fair to compare chicken broth with pork broth, but I have yet to find any other Ramen beating my current top favourite – Marutama Ramen. Oh dear, I also preferred the very soft melt in your mouth thin slice of pork at Muratama over the drier thicker slice here, although B loved it. At Marutama there are more condiments like chilli pepper and sesame seeds but there were none here. Perhaps also, the chef would be insulted if you added anything to the broth that they spend so much time and effort perfecting.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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photo by bookjunkie

I just adored the decor here with all the Japanese calligraphic prints and the little chef doll on the outside. They sell it for S$16. Anyway the cheapest basic Ramen costs $12 Singapore dollars and you need to add an extra dollar for the egg. This is what the official description at the website says:

The ramen soup is a rich, creamy tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. Floating on the surface of the soup is the fragrant black ma-yu (roast garlic oil), a flavor that has not changed since the restaurant first opened. This black ma-yu is an iconic component of the Nantsuttei flavor created by frying garlic over seven phases and mixing it into a balanced blend for an exquisite harmony of flavors.

Nantsuttei Singapore
Private House No.P3-06, #03-02 Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
On the 3F of PARCO Marina Bay

Tel : (65) 6337 7166

Open AM 11:30 – Closes PM 10:30

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  1. 365days2play says:

    This looks good. The noodles look like the Ippudo kind which I like. Think I will go try at some non-peak hour like 3pm.

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