Twitter’s Down: Cute Notice (& My Technology Rant)

I was reluctant to be on Twitter and have been getting wary of Facebook as well, but my Gen Y cousin urged me to get with the times. Today I was tickled by this cute notice on Twitter. As someone from Gen X I am not as comfortable with technology as she is, so the stereotype is true (for me at least). My cousin takes to tech gadgets like a fish to water and the speed at which she picks things up impresses the socks off me. I think the Millenium generation who have been with this stuff from toddlerhood, will be lost without it. There was only one time when I felt this. I actually cried when I had important work to do and my computer went dead and everything was lost. I feel embarrassed to admit this, but the amount of distress I felt was so completely overwhelming.

I can still fondly recall a time when there was none of the following and somehow life was less stressful at work, because we were not expected to multitask all the time. We mono-tasked with better quality results. I daresay the quality of life was better than too. How do you feel?:

1. Cell phones (none of this brain frying, antisocial device which often feels like a shackle around my neck. When we wanted to meet our friends we just picked a spot and time and everyone was expected to be punctual)
2. Laptops (most workplaces give you this instead of a desktop which is so much better for your eyes and back)
3. Powerpoint (we had fewer meetings and presentations – we pondered less and just did)
4. Facebook (I miss not keeping in touch with my friends as much in person and it doesn’t feel as good just reading their updates online)
5. Twitter (can’t seem to quite get the hang of it, but trying. ‘Funny Little World’ tweeted a post of mine, and I suddenly got loads of traffic which was cool)
6. Digital cameras (I like this invention, but the joy of getting your rolls of film developed and stuck into albums is lost. All your photos could be easily lost with digital photos that are not printed out or backed up)
7. Email (we used snail mail instead which is nice for its personal touch. Email is productive as also less productive as our inboxes are filled with loads of distracting junk and non urgent tasks. We’re also expected to reply everyone immediately and in the end there’s no time to do real work)

Thanks for listening to my rant for the day. Another one of those days when I long for the old days, but then again, I wouldn’t have been able to blog – which I love. It’s my favorite thing about new technology.

They say if you put your dreams out there it might happen. So I just want to put this out there. I hope I have an online site that makes money one day and that continues to make money while I sleep! And best of all, you are your own editor and make all creative choices. Wouldn’t that be great? Doing something you love and making an income at the same time? You would also have the best boss in the world (yourself!) I hope the free WordPress includes an Adsense type feature one day in the future. Blogspot does, but I much prefer WordPress features to Blogspot. Somehow I feel getting ads placed directly compromises the integrity of the posts. I’d rather still remain anonymous because I am extremely shy and so that my food and service reviews can continue to be completely and totally honest. Well, even if I can’t make a single cent out of blogging on Tiny Island, I will continue to do it as long as my fingers can type, because I find it truly therapeutic and most of all, fun.

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3 Responses to Twitter’s Down: Cute Notice (& My Technology Rant)

  1. thinkpinktoo says:

    I thought I would give you my reasons on why I love technology:

    1. Cell Phones – Not having to scounge around for coins to use a pay phone and not having to use digusting pay phones that are oily and smell of the people that have used them before you. And with smart phones you have the interwebs with you everywhere you go which is great for traveling

    2. Laptops – Convinence of being able to take it anywhere and use it anywhere… in bed or out on the lawn

    3. Powerpoint – Not having to fiddle around with overhead projectors and pretty colours sounds and music in your presentations!

    4.Facebook – Getting back in touch with people I haven’t seen in years.

    5.Twitter – Don’t use it much.. but great tool to find out people’s opinions on certin things and celebrity stalking (if you are into that ;))

    6. Digital Cameras – Instant photos, being able to take as many photos as possible and keeping the ones you like best and deleting the rest. Instantly sharing it with friends on facebook and flickr

    7. Email – Its instant and you can send it to mutiple people at once… I would still love to get real snail mail though 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      Your list made me rethink my gripes….actually those reasons you listed are great….just wish they could come without the bad stuff.

      i really should send you snail mail one day ;-p …..when I stop being lazy

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