Have You Been to Kochi in Kerala?

The best part about being in Singapore is that it’s at the crossroads of the coolest places in Asia.

I might be going to Kerala which is in the southern part of India, next week.  I will probably have internet withdrawal for a week. The main city in Kerala, Kochi as it’s now known, is more familiar to most people, including myself, by its old colonial name Cochin. Hope to come back with loads of stories, colorful pictures and cultural insights. I have been meaning to post more about Travel since it’s a fantasy of mine to be a travel writer. If you have been there, it would be so great if you could share some tips with me. Even better if you blog from Kerala. Blogging about Singapore and reading other blogs about this tiny island makes me feel the best way to view a country (if you can’t physically get there yourself) is through words and pictures from someone who lives there. It’s best if they are just ordinary folk like yourself, and not a commercial journalist who is paid to review certain places and will naturally be biased.

Kochi is only 4 hours and 20 minutes from Singapore. I used to think it was a longer distance away.

{Image: Silk Air}

Now for the honest bit. In the past I used to be very excited about travel, but these days I am filled with dread due to my issues with claustrophobia. I especially worry about planes and small vehicles. I hope everything goes smoothly and I stay sane. Does anyone else out there have similar fears when it comes to travelling? Did your fears emerge only when you got much older or experienced something traumatic?

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  1. 365days2play says:

    Have fun!!!! Search for the nearest Internet cafe! Btw, if you didn’t already know, Silkair has this contest where you can submit stories about your travels in Asia to win free travel for a year!

  2. sudhamathi says:

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