Travel: What Makes the Hassle Worth It

Julie is a blogging English teacher and mum. She’s an American expat living in Italy. She totally inspired me to write this post about Travel.

Somedays I wish I could teleport myself and that would do away with these things that I don’t like about travelling:

1. packing (and realizing you forgot something essential when you get there – like your camera battery charger!)
2. the effort and hassle of packing itself (and being OCD)
3. flying on planes in cattle class (and being claustrophobic)
4. just the awful take-off and landing and turbulence bits (I get terrible earaches as well) – that’s why people clap when the plane lands
5. the hassle of going through customs (wouldn’t it be nice to have a borderless world?)
6. having to watch your bag because you’re afraid of pickpockets (something you never do at home because you don’t carry that much cash around normally)
7. falling ill just before a trip (and having to lug your medication about like what’s happening to me right now)

What I love about travel:

1. the adventure and discovery (you can read about it all you want, but it’s different when you get there)
2. opening up of your world view
3. tasting new cuisines in their authentic and unmodified states (cuisines tend to cater to local taste-buds, or sometimes particular ingredients are not available, hence the ‘fake’ Chinese food found in America and Australia)
4. experiencing the seasons, with the icing on the cake for me being fresh falling snow (especially for someone in Singapore who experience year-long summers)
5. having new stories to tell and blog about
6. the feeling of renewal and it takes going away to get it
7. appreciating your home and the people you left behind even more when you return
8. bonding with the people you travel with
9. meeting and encountering wonderful people abroad
10. learning a few new words of another language and their authentic pronunciations

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