Singapore’s Population Is A Whopping 5.08 Million!

When I was a kid in school I recall that it was just 2.4 million. You can see the full statistics here. I am really feeling the physical crush these days, so I am not surprised at the numbers. I am always on the lookout for quiet forgotten places that no one wants to seem to go to. Thankfully there are still some quiet sleepy places to escape to especially if you’re up early during the weekends and are not into shopping. The neighbourhood malls and the more popular malls in Orchard Road, seem to have the worst human traffic jams that stress me to no end. I’d rather shop online any day.

Only 3.23 million are Singapore citizens and 540,000, permanent residents.

The part about ethnic composition is interesting too.

As for ethnic composition, Chinese formed 74 per cent of the resident population this year, while the Malays and Indians took up 13 per cent and 9.2 per cent of the population share respectively.

Considering we get a million tourists, that’s a whole lot of people on a tiny island. I can’t imagine why they keep asking for more babies to be produced. You can read the full report at The Straits Times.

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  2. 365days2play says:

    Shit that’s too many!!!!

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