Modern Family’s Cutie Baby Lily is Played by Twins

Update 21 August 2011: A new video of the little cuties

Update 24 July 2011: Latest photos of Baby Lily via twitpic:

My earlier Baby Lily post:
Baby Lily on Modern Family is the cutest little thing ever. She’s played by twins and she even has a twitter page called TheBabyLilyPad. It was set up by her tv dad Cameron aka Eric Stonestreet who adores her in real life as much as he does on tv.

{Image: Baby Lily’s Official Twitter Profile Picture}

What’s there not to adore – she or should I say, the twins, are so sweet! It’s pretty amazing how docile the twins are on the show.

See more pictures at Oh No They Didn’t

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8 Responses to Modern Family’s Cutie Baby Lily is Played by Twins

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  2. They really are cute. I have a love/hate relationship with television. Currently in a hate phase but I still tune in for Modern Family. Fantastic show.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    I hardly watch tv but I love Modern Family and am smitten by Baby Lily….one of the cutest ever baby/babies I’ve seen!

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  5. A says:

    I’m currently in the intensely dislike phase of the show, too; like so many other shows that have received over-adulation in their first seasons, so has Modern Family…and it’s gotten too big for its britches — it’s just not that funny anymore and I don’t enjoy seeing actors act like they’re acting…unfortunately, Julie Bowen and her TV hubby are the worst culprits…next up, their older TV daughter. And let’s cut out all the references to Gloria’s figure…it’s getting old and a little sexist, frankly. Maybe they’ll dial it back a bit. And why don’t we EVER see Lily cry, laugh, emote at ALL? I realize she is played by these twins, but we’ve never seen them as they are in these photos above… very odd.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah it’s getting a bit caricaturish for me as well. I find the same thing happening to Glee. Mad Men is worlds apart and I am waiting for it’s new season.

      I think the twins must be scared of the camera and all the people. They are sooo darling though.

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