An Atas Meal: Da Paolo La Terrazza

Some days I ask myself why do I blog. Am I becoming a slave to my blog? Some days I get tired of taking pictures of food and just want to eat. But then when I don’t take pictures I quite regret it later on. In a way the blog serves as a memory bank where I preserve meals I had and places I’ve been. It also makes me try new foods which I otherwise wouldn’t as I could eat the same stuff over and over.

I feel quite guilty partaking in this particular meal at Da Paolo La Terrazza, that I had some time ago, or blogging about it, because I’m broke, didn’t pay for it. My partner was being generous, but I feel this meal burnt a hole in his pocket. The tomato soup was great and so was the Linguini Cabonara, but I still feel the heat from the bill, which I took a photo of, as a keepsake! It might not seem very expensive to many people, but to me it was.

The service was attentive, but I would feel more comfortable in a more casual and less formal setting. To be honest it was a bit ‘Atas‘. I felt a bit intimidated – you know the feeling? I guess I am quite an American standard, casual dining person at heart. My partner loved the Cod, but felt the salad was too generous in terms of portion. Perhaps it was meant to be shared.

I wished the air-conditioning was a bit stronger. It was another mighty hot day in Singapore and I couldn’t imagine people wanting to eat Al Fresco. My sister would be one of them, because she never perspires and always feels cold.


photo by bookjunkie


Warm bread is always welcome.


photo by bookjunkie


I am such a country bumpkin as I can never get used to sparkling water – give me iced water with lemon any day.


photo by bookjunkie


The bottle sure is pretty though. I feel the same way about wine bottles and always think it’s a pity to discard them.


photo by bookjunkie


I wondered if the diners were regulars or first timers like me.


photo by bookjunkie


The generous portion of salad which had chicken and mushroom in it. This could be a meal in itself, but I kinda suspect you would be frowned upon if you take up a seat and this is all you order.


photo by bookjunkie


The tomato soup was divine and I felt quite filled up after having the bread as well.


photo by bookjunkie


The weaved rattan on the ceilings and walls added to an interesting decor.


photo by bookjunkie


My partner gave the cod the thumbs up. I found it rich and buttery in a good way.


photo by bookjunkie


The bacon bits were so good. My partner did not think the pasta was hand made like they have at Pasta Fresca. I really liked it though and in a way preferred this as it felt lighter although the portion here was much more generous too. The staff at Pasta Fresca, made us feel more welcomed and less intimidated though.


photo by bookjunkie


I liked the location which was hidden away behind the bustling Holland Village. I am drawn to sleepy areas.


photo by bookjunkie


My souvenir. It’s a good thing we were too full to order dessert.


photo by bookjunkie


Da Paolo La Terrazza
#01-56, 44 Jalan Merah Saga S(278116), Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village
Tel: 6476 1332

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2 Responses to An Atas Meal: Da Paolo La Terrazza

  1. Maria says:

    I seem to remember DaPaolo having a gourmet food shop along Jalan Merah Saga. Is it still there? I really loved that stretch of restaurants in Holland Village. Michaelangelo’s and Original Sin were other favourites. This is why I love your blog — it brings back many happy memories and lets me see how Singapore has changed over the past five years.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I am so glad that I can bring you news from Singapore through pictures. Singapore really does change quite rapidly.

      Da Paolo has expanded quite a bit. I didn’t see their gourmet food shop at Jalan Merah Saga, but I did see it at Paragon (new) and at Serene Centre. Michaleangelo’s and Original Sin are still around.

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