The Awful Haze is Back

It’s so frustrating that no matter how efficient your government is, they can’t do anything about this problem, because this particular environmental problem it’s out of their hands.

I was thinking the farmers in Sumatra must be choking on the fires they have created, because if the haze in Singapore is this bad can you imagine how bad it is in Sumatra. It’s like Ground Hog Day, the same thing recurs every year. But that’s the traditional and cheapest way farmland is cleared. Slash and burn.

Our air quality is usually good but now it’s in the moderate range. If this is moderate, I don’t want to experience unhealthy or hazardous. Visibility is quite poor and Singapore now looks like Beijing. When I first arrived in Beijing, having not experienced smog before, I thought the landscape was pretty and misty. Because the temperature was cool, I really thought it was just a lovely misty day. Only when I went to a bookstore and my hands were marked with soot after handling the books did the horrer of how polluted the air was strike me.

But you know what, there is a silver lining. It’s this. The temperature has fallen from 38 degrees to 33 according to the car thermometer. I guess the smoke particles are blocking out the full effect of the sun’s ray. Also I recalled that Sumatra blocks us from the potential devastation of the recent and future Tsunamis, so we’re lucky in that regard.

Anyway, I hope to see our blue skies again and I hope it’s soon.

photo by bookjunkie

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5 Responses to The Awful Haze is Back

  1. lynnette-net says:

    It’s so frustrating that no matter how efficient your government is, they can’t do anything about this problem

    I like that! And let’s hope the haze goes away!

  2. bookjunkie says:

    It must be so bad for people suffering from respiratory problems…I feel sorry for them.

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