The Shaytard Episode Where Poor Mummytard Breaks Her Nose

This is a funny one.  It’s the one where Sontard accidentally breaks Mummytard’s nose.  The funny bit is when Shay asks sontard if he feels bad and he starts crying.  You feel so sorry till you realize he’s crying because they have to leave the park and not because he accidentally broke his mum’s nose.  Mummy is quite the trooper even when her nose gets busted and she’s in pain.  The video also brings to light the healthcare situation in America which is pretty new to me.


And meanwhile Mummytard or Katielette’s sister Callie is in Singapore.  She makes Singapore seem so exotic.  I never gave a second thought to lizards and now realize that they are everywhere here.   At the end of the video it looks like she’s at a restaurant at Clarke Quay. I am old, boring and am not familiar with the clubs, so am not too sure.


In this next video, she find our thunderstorms and lightning quite impressive.  I agree that it can be scary and out lightning does seem to come right into the house sometimes.  Her office has a super amazing view of the Esplanade.

Callie also tried out the fish spa. Something I tried in Malaysia once, but I really screamed and couldn’t get my feet in because it felt so slimy and icky. Extremely ticklish too. I took a whole lot longer than Callie, to get my feet in. These girls are brave.  But the video I found most interesting is when she goes to Little India and tries out henna.


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