When Shaycarl was Skinny and Princesstard was a Baby

If you’re a recent Shaytard fan and haven’t seen the older videos, this will be quite a treat.  It was for me as I am now quite addicted to this channel. It also makes me wonder is having so many kids within a couple of years lead to stress eating.  I think it’s probably due to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep  is a definite contributor to weight gain.  I personally think that Shaycarl looks great at any size – it’s the personality that counts, and that’s what draws fans to the Vlog and of course the sweetest kids ever.

In this video you can see sontard as a toddler and a little bit of baby princesstard.


When babytard was really an infant.


A fan on YouTube compiled old photos of the Shaytards.  Princesstard is such a pretty little girl.


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