WordPress Withdrawal

I am away on a very short holiday in Vietnam right now and I thought it would be a great chance for me to have a blogging blackout period. You see, I have been feeling that I have become addicted to blogging and use the internet too much which can be pretty bad for the eyes.

You know what? The first thing I did was to log on to WordPress at the hotel lounge which has free internet and two computers. I am looking at all the delicious posts by my blogger friends on my blogroll which I can’t read in full right now, because I’m trying not to be a computer hog. And I want to do you justice by reading your posts slowly, so that I can savour every word and respond to each of you, once I get back home. To skim through just won’t do it for me. Sorry if I haven’t been commenting on your posts lately. Promise I’ll be back in full form soon.

I hope to come back with stories and photos from this young and vibrant city. Ho Chi Minh City is celebrating the Tet festival which is the equivalent of Chinese New Year. But it’s not the year of the rabbit here. It’s the year of the Cat. Isn’t that just lovely?

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13 Responses to WordPress Withdrawal

  1. Hope you had a great time and tell us all about it! (I am assuming you won’t read this until you get back)

  2. Kaho says:

    You’re in Ho Chi Minh City! Yay!! When we were there in January, they had their own New Year celebration about a couple of days after I left. I thought that it was interesting that their Lunar New Year doesn’t fall into the same day as other Lunar New Year in China, Korea, etc. You should totally log off from your blog and enjoy the time you have there!! Enjoy!!

  3. 365days2play says:

    I hope you don’t decide to stop blogging and go the way you did with Facebook!
    Year of the Cat is so cute! I love cats!!! Your partner must be having a great time there?

  4. 365days2play says:

    Hmmm I just realised I have to be logged in to my wordpress.com account to post a reply. How do you get replies from people who aren’t wordpress users?

  5. Have fun BJ. I’m finding a balance with limiting my blogging time. I think you will find the same. As with all things in life we have to find a nice balance of time. Just like sugar in our coffee or coffee itself, we don’t have to cut it out completely but a little bit is so nice.


  6. 365days2play says:

    When i tried yesterday night without logging into wordpress, it simply asked me to login. No other options available…

  7. Lady J says:

    Have a great holiday bookjunkie and come back with intriguing tales from your travels! 🙂

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