6 Responses to Singapore’s National Bird

  1. kirsten says:

    Apart from the stray cats, my granddad used to feed birds on the window ledge. I used to have a lot of fun watching the mynahs strut up and down calling to their friends about the food while the little sparrows came and stole all the breadcrumbs away right under their very noses! Hehehehe…

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yay for the little sparrows!

      My cousin used to feed the stray cats as he always wanted a pet, but couldn’t due to allergies I think. I think stray cats and these mynahs are so much part of Singapore.

  2. These fellow are very street smart, knowing when to come near and when to scram. They can be a nuisance in a hawker centres or coffee shops, savaging over the leftovers on the tables.
    C and I reckon the Singapore bird should be cranes. You can see them almost everywhere! 😀

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