Dangerously Sexy: Sports Illustrated Girls in Singapore

I saw an akward photo of a skimpily clad model in a trishaw at 365days2play’s blog and wondered how come I missed any sign of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. I think most Singaporeans must be wondering the same.

I quite suspect they took place during the wee hours of the morning. With additional artificial lighting, that may have been possible? With ‘kaypoh’ Singapore crowds and the extreme heat at noon it would be hard otherwise. But the video of the shoot which I just checked out shows otherwise.

This photo made me gasp, and hence my header. I wouldn’t want to be that close to the edge. I bet it would make a man gasp for other reasons. Kenza Fourati is not jailbait, but still, she’s only 23.

captured online from the Sports Illustrated Website

The men in the lion dance gear must be delighted. But I am thinking just plain shy as most people tend to be intimidated by impossibly gorgeous women. Then again it could have been a girl in the costume. I have seen female lion dance performers.

captured online from the Sports Illustrated Website

I am sure the Nasi Lemak went to waste – or the people behind the scenes must have indulged. When I saw this I thought that’s the first time I’ve seen a bikini made out of cheong sam material.

captured online from the Sports Illustrated Website

I found this photo of New Yorker, Damaris Lewis interesting as well. I can just imagine the aunties and uncles in Chinatown gawking at her. She’s only 20 by the way. Her pretty face and smile remind me of my cousin G.

captured online from the Sports Illustrated Website

While they were here, the girls stayed at the beautiful Capella Singapore and that must have been sweet. Rooms there are around a thousand bucks at least.

You can view all the photos at Sports Illustrated. The ones up here I just snapped off the computer screen so they are not very clear. They are loads better at the Sports Illustrated website where there are tons more photos.

Sports Illustrated also went on location to another part of Asia – the Philippines. It will make you want to head to Boracay stat.

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10 Responses to Dangerously Sexy: Sports Illustrated Girls in Singapore

  1. C’mon, Bookjumnkie, with a little airbrushing we could look like that too!

  2. Wow, I didn’t know they went to Boracay. But I checked out the website and their photos were absolutely gorgeous. They indeed look dangerously sexy 😀 I’m really glad they visited the island. I hope you could come to Boracay too someday! And yes, you could eat lots of mangoes from yellow to green ones 😉

  3. 365days2play says:

    Damn beautiful fotos, I want to buy a bikini too!

  4. J says:

    It funny when I think of the sight of men surrounding them during the photo shoot, ogling and gawking opening. In fact, to have these expressions capture with the girls would even more interesting!

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