Thinking About Japan, Kaho and Shay

I just can’t write anything knowing what’s happening in beautiful Japan. Usually devastating news seems really far away, but the blogging community makes the world shrink and my thoughts are fixated on two wonderful bloggers. Kaho of Chuzai Living who has family in Japan and she’s currently expat living in Jakarta – thank goodness. Starletshay is more of a travel vlogger and before I went to Osaka I was so grateful for her delightful posts from her country.

Shay experienced the earthquake in Tokyo and I feel worried about her reading her tweets and how scared she is.

It really makes me feel that by some random stroke of luck Singapore is sheltered by the surrounding landmasses and is safe. I take so much for granted. I can’t imagine how scary it must be to be stranded or be in the danger zone or know your family is there. Starletshay’s family is in Hawaii and so she is naturally worried about them as well as there are reports that the Tsunami is about to strike the shores there. It has just struck and thank goodness the waves were not as bad as expected.

For those who haven’t heard the news yet, Japan has been hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami.

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7 Responses to Thinking About Japan, Kaho and Shay

  1. Horrible tragedy …I will be thinking and praying for everyone there.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I have never experienced an earthquake before. I can’t imagine the floor I’m on shaking violently…it seems extremely scary especially if you’re in a tall building.

  2. Kaho says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this. It’s so nice of you to write this post! You’re right. The world has shrunk so much. I was touched by the messages I received from the friends I met through blogging.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Kaho I feel so happy to know you through the blogging world.

      Even though I complain about things in Singapore, I feel so so lucky to be sheltered from natural disasters and I tend to take that for granted. Truly feel for people who live in places where any moment danger could strike. It makes me think, I am so claustrophobic, I freak out at the thought of being caught in a lift. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for the poor people trapped under buildings or in trains. Even worse families who are not sure where their loved ones are. I wish there was some way a warning system could be developed so that people would have sufficient time to get to a safer place. Seeing the news, especially so much bad news lately you tend to feel so detached and desensitized.

      Somehow twitter and blogging has given a voice to the ordinary people – they are just like me. It just feels so personal when get to know them as women like yourself, with similar hopes and aspirations. Then it’s no longer a detached feeling, and you just sincerely want them to be safe and get through this scary episode.

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    You are not the only one here. My thoughts are now with Japan and I hope the country will get through this. At the same time, I want to wish my condolences to those who lost their loved ones or friends in the earthquake in Japan.

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