The View from the Car Window: Somewhere around City Hall MRT

I have always been impressed by the architecture of this flat building. It’s such a cool optical effect. This is the Gateway building where a friend used to work.

photo by bookjunkie

Try as he might B can never avoid the dreaded ERP gantry. There’s always one around the corner no matter how many detours you take. It’s the Singapore government’s way of controlling traffic flow and making money at the same time, while we mutter under our breath that this is daylight robbery. It’s another annoying acronym for Electronic Road Pricing.

photo by bookjunkie

Wish I could get a better shot of this beautiful old church.  I think it’s the Armenian Church St Andrews Cathedral.

Blogger Renes will be having her wedding at the Armenian Church. She has awesome shots of the interior of the church as well.

photo by bookjunkie

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14 Responses to The View from the Car Window: Somewhere around City Hall MRT

  1. Crystal says:

    That first building always screws with my mind!

  2. Serene says:

    Eh this angle looks more like st Andrews! 🙂

  3. Flora says:

    The church looks like St. Andrew’s Cathedral downtown, by the City Hall MRT.

  4. kierstens says:

    Oh that’s the Gateway Building, and it was designed by I.M. Pei! (the man who designed the pyramid thing at the Lourve and the Bank of China building in HK).

  5. conrad says:

    not trying to be smartypants, but apart from st. andrew’s church, the top 2 pics – Gateway & ParcoBugis are somewhere near(er) to Bugis mrt.

    appears like you were heading for funan during this trip.

  6. conrad says:

    apparently, some contractual issues between director/writer and production studio…

    i was so looking forward to season5

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