Red Rocket at Vivo

I adore the bright red rocket at VivoCity. The unique art installations and thoughtful curvy design, sets this mall apart from others.

photo by bookjunkie

The red rocket has a name – GoGo and is by Dutch artist, Marc Ruygrok.

photo by bookjunkie

It’s quite a nice cheery sight as you enter and exit the carpark.

More information about all the art pieces here.

GoGo by Marc Ruygrok ( Netherlands)
GoGo awaits its launch near the entrance of VivoCity, welcoming visitors, including visitors from around the globe. Imagine global visitors, boarding the rocket with their purchases, taking off on their trips back. In VivoCity, this playful, timeless rocket feels right at home, inviting visitors to explore the everchanging lifestyle environment.

Artist: Marc Ruygrok
Born in the Netherlands in 1953, Ruygrok was educated in the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. He is a unique artist using words, names or literature in his works to address or change the meaning of space.

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3 Responses to Red Rocket at Vivo

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    That red rocket is eye-catching and cute 😉

  2. I want one for me front lawn!

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