So Glad that the Police is Cracking Down on Speeding

I have been especially worried about heavy vehicles that speed, so I felt compelled to post about this new crackdown by the police.

I get even more frustrated when I see vehicles with pipes and poles that don’t seems to be very securely fastened. Can you imagine if they had to make an emergency stop, especially if they are speeding? Those poles would be lethal as they go flying through the air.

People are getting so impatient these days, and I am shocked at how haphazardly people switch lanes or zoom by, clearing flouting the speed limits. Do they think it’s Formula One? I often feel like I am going to be knocked down in a parking lot, because cars speed within these lots in their impatience to find a space. We are just getting too aggressive as drivers.

Haven’t been motivated to post lately, but crackdowns like this gives me peace of mind.



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2 Responses to So Glad that the Police is Cracking Down on Speeding

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  2. C says:

    If only they’d crack down on motorcycles parking in the middle of the sidewalk.

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