Movie Review: The Company Men

Anyone who has been through a retrenchment or had the heartache of searching for a job during a recession, will appreciate that this movie was made. Everyone else should watch it just so that you can have empathy, because unless it happens to you, most people won’t know how soul crushing the whole experience can be. We tend to get cocky when we think we’re secure in our jobs (as Ben Affleck’s character will reveal). I thought that all the actors were brilliant and convincing and this is the best I have seen of Ben Affleck.

Another message of the movie is that to some people friendship means nothing, nor do values or a conscience have a place in the materialistic corporate world. This type of callousness is rampant in Singapore. A real ugly side of the rat race.


My only wish was that they could have also focused on the ordinary working person as well, rather than just the individuals higher up in the corporation. But they did a great job showing loss of identity, dignity and the rage and depression that follows.

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  1. whatsaysyou says:

    I definitely need to watch this movie and thanks for the post

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