TLC TV Mums: Dressing a Tot as a Prostitute & Kate Gosselin’s Dramatics over Pizza

In Singapore we are very exposed to the American media and we grew up on American TV.  Even without TV, we have YouTube and sometimes I can’t help watching the train wreck reality shows on TLC.  Singapore TV is low budget, totally dull in comparison and I hardly watch it.

Is the intention of TLC, satire?  The latest controversy is the toddler dressed up as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. The prostitute version. What was this mum thinking? Haven’t these mums heard of pedophiles?  The little tot is adorable, but this is just nuts. Having said that, at least this child doesn’t look overly made up to look twenty years older like some of the other kids. In my mind, all bad, as they teach their child that looks are everything.  Winning is everything. That it’s good to be vain? How can that be good?



This mum is even worse.  Forcing her child into a costume she sewed and pumping her up with sugar.  It seems like these women have babies so that they have live dolls to play with or a way for them to live out their own fantasies and vanities. The dads always seems like they have no choice, but to reluctantly go along with it.


But if you ask me to pick mums, I would pick the one that dressed me like a prostitute rather than the one who has dramatics all the time over the tiniest things, and makes me cry.  Yup it’s Kate Gosselin freaking out again.  It seems weird that TLC didn’t edit this out.  They were really out to get her. Did she get on their nerves too?



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5 Responses to TLC TV Mums: Dressing a Tot as a Prostitute & Kate Gosselin’s Dramatics over Pizza

  1. Crystal says:

    Toddlers and Tiaras is child abuse. I literally can’t watch that without wanting to shake the parents…hard…whilst screaming “what are you DOING?????”

    I remember when I was a kid, TLC stood for “the learning channel” and they showed educational programming. Guess they learned sensationalism makes more money…depressing.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I too thought that TLC was all about wholesomeness at first.

      TLC is now the show for mums who are mean to their kids and need to go to parenting school.

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    How could this mother have the gall to dress her child like a hooker for some stupid beauty pageant? Somebody please call social services and sort this woman out. I feel sorry for that poor kid

  3. Chaithra says:

    I used to like John and Kate +8 when the kids were younger , now they have grown and are irritating .
    Thank god you noticed although the kids in the second show are cute but they talk snobbishly and act as if they are miss universe !!! Their moms are no good they cry and make a scene when their kids don’t win .

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