15 Reasons Why I Blog

1. Writing is like breathing. I can’t go a day without it.

2. It’s good writing practice. It’s cool that with a blog I have an audience. I appreciate the connection. Somehow it forces me to write in a slightly clearer manner. It’s so different from writing with a pen in my bedside journal. The audience doesn’t always understand your various references, so often you need to explain.

2. To help. I read blogs for travel information, and am so grateful for the perspectives and photos out there, that I want to do the same. If there’s someone out there who wants to find out more about Singapore or even Singlish, I love that I’m an unofficial ambassador and travel guide.

3. Therapy. The female blog community is so supportive so blogging is like therapy for me. I can confess my sins and embarrassing moments in a safe place. And that this community takes the time to comment, is the best reward. Also I don’t feel so lonely anymore.

4. To Teach & Learn. I think teaching is in my blood, as I come from a family of teachers, so I am happy to share something I’ve learnt. I try my best to put across the information in as simple a manner as I can, minus the technical jargon. Somehow when you teach you learn as well as it clarifies your thoughts and you’re forced to fill in the gaps with additional research. There’s always stuff you haven’t learnt yet.

5. To capture Singapore before she changes. The blog becomes a historical record of Singapore as well as a record of my memories.

6. To capture travel moments. It’s best to capture them as soon as they happen. I have taken more photos than ever and write about holidays when they are still fresh in my head. All the little details do matter. Before I had a blog there were so many moments I lost to time. It’s just nice to relive your trips years later, and it’s a bit like an online album.

7. Makes me feel more present. Being a tourist in my own country makes me see the silver lining in everything. I have never appreciated Singapore more or felt more involved in the country.

8. Learning the Tech Stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t. Since I started blogging I’ve learnt so much about social media. It’s a great feeling that I’m not a dumb as I thought I was.

9. It will lead to a writing job perhaps. Maybe one day it can be or lead to my full time job. Anything that involves writing or creativity.

10. Purpose. It gives me a sense of purpose and it feels like my little home in cyberspace.

Wanted to stop at 10, but I have 5 more.

11. Connecting with Family. It’s so much better than Facebook or email to share my life with my loved ones, here and abroad.

12. Reflection. It’s nice to re-read old entries after a couple of years have passed.

13. Improves my photography skills. Makes me a slightly better photographer, as I have an audience now looking at my photos.

14. Opens up a whole new world. My blog had lead me to other blogs and wonderful bloggers. The discussions I have with other bloggers have taught me so much. It’s wonderful to learn about new cultures and also know that deep down, we’re the same.  We all have similar needs and wants and are making the best we can of life on earth.

15. I love to entertain. It’s the reason why I write some of my more frivolous posts and read snarky celeb blogs. Laughter really is the best medicine.

I probably have even more reasons, but these are the first that popped into my head. Why do you blog? Would love if you could share your reasons.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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9 Responses to 15 Reasons Why I Blog

  1. Crystal says:

    I blog because

    1-I can’t NOT write, so I might as well throw it out into the world and see what happens

    2-To connect…with friends, with family and with strangers who become anything but a stranger 🙂

    3-To help process the world around me, whether it’s as a mom, an expat, or whatever

    4-It keeps a more honest record of my life than my memory would otherwise allow for

    5-I often try new things or take a photo specifically for my blog–and I’m often grateful to have done so

    I’m sure there’s more but it’s late 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      I love how you put it – an honest record….that’s how I feel too. And yeah I end up taking photos of things I normally wouldn’t but I don’t regret it either. Thanks so much for sharing Crystal 🙂

  2. I must say that I am in complete agreement with you. All 15 reasons! I have been writing sometimes long email reply to my frens and post long comments on others’ FB or blog. Until my fren who is a seasoned blogger (Loh and Behold) told me many times to start a blog. I just started about a mth ago. I am enjoying it. Thks to the WordPress App on iphone where I can blog on my iphone on the move! It really helps me to focus, write clearly and share my ideas or views with frens and strangers! Much better than email or FB. Keep blogging my fren! Cheers!

  3. BingoGreenTeaJazz says:

    Always enjoy reading your blog! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello! I must have caused a big increase in blog traffic because a lot of topics caught my attention! I agree with many reasons you pointed out and am enjoying blogging so far although I’ve been at it (at least, for a public blog) for a very short period of time. This passion for writing (or blogging) has given me time to think, to organise and to create.

    It’s been great dropping by. Have a great year ahead! =)

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