I Voted for Valerie Lim – our Miss Singapore Universe 2011 Representative

Just because.

Maybe after just voting in 2 elections I feel a little lost. Wouldn’t it have been a hoot if our Miss Universe was a Tan as well? (we had 4 Tans in our recent Presidential Elections)

Happened to go into the Miss Universe 2011 website and saw that I could.  Also I get more excited about these kind of things like B gets excited when it comes to football. I totally don’t get football while he think beauty contests are so silly.

I don’t know her and Singapore has never placed well, but every year everyone tends to make derisive remarks about our Singapore girl.  That includes me, so this year I just want to be supportive. I truly feel she’s our best contestant yet and not a bimbo.  She reminds me of our Singapore Airlines stewardesses who always look so elegant and she has a nice Singapore tan.

Decided to find out more about our Singapore representative. Her name is Valerie Lim her chinese name is Shu Xian, and she’s 26 years old. She’s one of our tallest contestants yet at 1.79m. Vital stats are 36 – 27 – 36 and she’s a Behavioural Therapist who works with autistic kids. Her mum Ginny was a Miss Singapore finalist 30 years ago and she gets her height from her parents with her mum at 1.72m and her dad at 1.85m. The average height of Singaporeans is 1.6m for women, and 1.7m for men, so anything higher is rare. These days I notice that school kids are a lot taller and bigger than what I recall. It must be the diet. Or could it be growth hormones in the meat or just the fact that kids eat more meat these days?

I digress, but I think Valerie looks the best in these two photos that are on the official website.  The side profile seems to work better for her:


{via Miss Universe 2011}

In researching this post I discovered that the girl blogs. Her blog is called dweam and she tweets as well. I just started following her on twitter to get live updates from the contest in Brazil. I’m just a bit disappointed that the blog is just mostly advertorials and beauty tips. I guess it’s a bit dangerous for a beauty contestant to blog about more personal stuff in case in comes back to bite her. Sometimes being too open can be tricky.

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