Nearest Bookstore from Orchard MRT is now Prologue at ION

I guess Prologue was always nearer, but Borders was more popular.

Prologue at ION, very cheekily announced a borderless sale with a huge sign where wheelock leads to ION.

I found the 40% sale misleading (as most sales in Singapore are) as it was only for a small selection of books and mostly non-fiction. I guess I thought it applied to the whole store. The book that was most worth buying was Yann Martell’s Beatrice and Virgil for just S$10, but I’ve read it already. Anyway, did you know that Prologue is just a fancy Popular store?

photo by bookjunkie

Meanwhile the spot where Borders used to be at Wheelock Place, looked kinda sad and desolate. The retailers like the coffee place just outside were probably affected the most. I have never seen the outlet look this empty. Good for me though, as I like it empty. On the other hand I am still eager for a bookstore to take over the spot. I really hope Wheelock gets a good anchor tenant that book lovers will appreciate.

photo by bookjunkie

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2 Responses to Nearest Bookstore from Orchard MRT is now Prologue at ION

  1. Miso says:

    Hiaz… I missed Borders at Wheelock. Often went there before or after my hair treatment at Phyto upstairs

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