Wonderful that Miss Angola is the new Miss Universe 2011

I didn’t watch the show, but there’s always the internet for the results. It’s wonderful news that 25 year old Leila Lopes is the new Miss Universe 2011. She’s the second Black African woman to win. I love that finally true diversity is starting to reign at the contest. Was getting tired of the predictable results. I must confess I didn’t know much about this young beauty before or at all in fact, as I was only sussing out the Asian candidates.

The crowning moment is at the end of the video – I got impatient and skipped forward.


This was Leila’s interview video which I missed earlier. She is poised and calm.


I have no clue what she’s saying, but I think Leila sounds better in her own language. She looks gorgeous here too.


{via Miss Universe website}

There’s more information about the top 5 here. China was 5th and the Philippines 4th so that’s great news for Asia.

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