Oprah Talks about Panic Attacks

This is a very old clip, but I never watched this episode before, and it’s so relevant to me as I have been suffering from panic attacks and the worse thing for me is other people seeing me in that state. Always wish I could be alone to deal with it. I am so grateful for celebrities who risk the fear and embarrassment, and share their problems just to help others. That I think really took guts. Was never a fan of New Kids on the Block, but I am now. I also think Oprah does a great service by doing these shows.


What I take from this is that it helps when you have someone who understands what it feels like. Speaking in a calming voice is good too. I think Jordan is a great support to his brother Jonathan. It seems to be genetic as their father has the condition as well.


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6 Responses to Oprah Talks about Panic Attacks

  1. Dawn says:

    Hi Bookjunkie, I came over from Imp’s blog and I wanted to stop in and say hello. I’m really sorry that you are suffering from panic attacks. I have a friend who does, and know a few other people who do. Have you seen a doctor? It really helped one of my friends out. Another person I know finds that getting down and being covered by a blanket helps. I hope you feel better.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks so much Dawn….for taking the trouble to write.

      It really helps me to write about it. At times I feel so odd, but your comment really helps. When you mentioned being covered by a blanket…yes it does sound like that might help. Haven’t seen a professional yet, but hope to.

      Thanks for sharing that you know more than one person who has this condition as well. I always feel so alone because I am the only one I know with this, in my sphere.

      • Dawn says:

        Hi Bookjunkie, you really aren’t alone. One of my friends stopped driving after she had her first panic attack, but she is getting much better after having seen someone. Another friend is also better on some medication. Please consider seeing someone – I think it could really be helpful. You sound like a really interesting person and you shouldn’t have to feel odd!

        • bookjunkie says:

          Dawn you are so sweet….you donno how reassured you just made me feel. My issue stems with the car as well….feel claustrophobic and it hits me suddenly in that confined space….even though I’m not the driver. Have decided to seek help.

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