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Not Sure What to Write Today

So much on my mind that I want to offload but I don’t know where to begin. It’s harder to write about negative thoughts because it seems indulgent. But that’s the reality. Before the diagnosis I thought it (the cancer) … Continue reading

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Million (Thank You For Reading)

Just wanted to record for myself a milestone the blog has reached – a million page views. Somehow this arbitrary number makes me happy. I know it’s just numbers but I tend to get obsessed with stats. Started in mid … Continue reading

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Talking About the Panic Attacks and My Need for Space

I hope you never ever suffer from a panic attack, but if you do, you might be able to relate to what I wrote recently. Well if you have any phobia that is intense, you might be able to relate … Continue reading

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I’m Not Normal

I was wondering whether to write about this. Was thinking about it for the past three days. Sometimes I write posts in my head but never type them out. Was lying in bed feeling anxious again. It’s the reason why … Continue reading

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My Thoughts about Scoot, SIA’s New Budget Carrier

It’s not secret that I have a fear of flying.  More the claustrophobia than anything. My main concern when I travel is the seat size and legroom.  Everything else is good to have but I am willing to forgo as … Continue reading

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Famous People Paralysed by Panic Attacks

Shania Twain’s Panic Attack when Confronting the Best Friend who Stole her Husband. Nicole Kidman’s panic attacks after her break-up with Tom Cruise. Britney Spears had panic attacks before her world tour in 2009 Robert Pattison of Twilight fame suffers … Continue reading

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Oprah Talks about Panic Attacks

This is a very old clip, but I never watched this episode before, and it’s so relevant to me as I have been suffering from panic attacks and the worse thing for me is other people seeing me in that … Continue reading

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