Video Clips: Inside the SMRT Train Delay & the CEO’s Response

Words just seem hollow. I’ll just let the clips of the CEO speak for themselves.



First time I am watching these clips, since I stopped watching the news.


Actual footage of people caught in the stuffy train. That would be one of my worst nightmares, as I’m claustrophobic to boot. Feel sorry for those people caught in that situation. They all look so worried.



Can you imagine if you need to go to the loo? Horrors. Especially if you’re elderly or pregnant or ill?

But we must also have compassion for the train officer with heavy burdens and responsibilities. Somehow the pay doesn’t seem to match the level of responsibility. Hear from a train officer himself at his blog called Gintai. I am so glad he blogs. I can sense a lot of self censorship and it must be really hard to be in his position and face the unfair wrath of the public as well as their own top management. I somehow can’t help but feel that there is something wrong with the process or system in place. The train officers are almost as helpless as the passengers as they rely on instructions as well. I really hope the investigations lead to a better process where everyone’s safety is guarded more closely. Also I feel this is a problem in many organizations in Singapore. How can you expect employees to take pride in their work if they are not compensated properly or treated with respect? They come to work motivated, only to be demotivated due to a poor work environment. It’s worse when office politics is encouraged and not rooted out.

Let me state again that it’s a problem when companies chase profits at all costs. I also don’t believe in outsourcing. With contract employees there is no sense of ownership of pride and who can blame them. I have seen good companies go down the hill due to excessive cost cutting and outsourcing. Also Human Resources departments fail in a big way when they don’t create the right environment where workers can thrive.

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