Golden Mile Complex: Little Thailand in Singapore

The last time B brought me to Golden Mile Complex, it seemed very run down. Seems a lot better now and I really enjoyed the exploring. Maybe my perspective has changed since I started blogging. I tend to view anything new as favourable and I’m eager to explore the undiscovered.

B wanted me to check out Little Thailand in Singapore as he thought it would be good blogging material and it sure was. The ground level is filled with simple restaurants (plastic chairs) selling authentic thai food. If we hadn’t already had lunch I would have been spoilt for choice. If we come here again I wouldn’t know which one to pick. Does anyone have any recommendations?

The supermarket was so fun. There was a section selling Vietnamese stuff as well. The little drip coffee utensils were being sold for S$2.50. We got them for a dollar each in Vietnam but that’s a small premium to pay for not having to fly there. I could easily spend an hour looking at all the different products. Took lots of pictures.

Let’s begin the tour with the restaurants. Too many to photograph.

Sundry Stores. The whole place really felt like a small version of a Bangkok mall and street stalls combined.

Lots of fresh produce for home cooking. I wonder if the Thai restaurants in the rest of Singapore make their purchases here too.

Everyone watching a Thai show on TV.

The Freshly Made Snacks

The Unique Sign that greeted us when we entered the building from the car park.

The Hair Salon

The Magazines

The Supermarket on the third level made me giddy with pleasure. So many varieties of noodles, pastes and condiments.

Huge variety of teas and coffees as well.

Chilli sauces. So many kinds. And they all looked so tempting. My aunts would love to browse here.

Had to take a shot of this talcum powder. Seemed wonderfully strange and unique somehow.

Packaged version of the coconut pancake snack that was being freshly made on the griddles downstairs.

The Vietnamese drip coffee device. I love finding things that I previously thought could only be found in the country of origin. Singapore seems to have everything these days.

Famous Vietnamese brand of coffee which comes in different strengths.

I got this Vietnamese ginger tea. I wish I could have been stronger, but at least it’s in a tea bag form and there’s no sugar added.

The prettiest sauces, dishes and cups ever. This one was just S$1.80.

Some were more expensive. I found this fish one lovely as well.

If I ever attempt to make tom yam soup, this would be the perfect bowl.

Aren’t these elephants so sweet?

Decorative cats too.

This sign made me giggle. But Thai people are so much nicer than Singaporeans. In a Singapore store the sign would not say ‘Please Pay’ but ‘Considered Sold’. Yeah, so much more polite than us.

Decorative horses as well.

All kinds of chips. Jackfruit, durian, banana and even pumpkin.

All sorts of soft drinks in glass bottles. like how we used to have in the 70’s. Just a tad smaller.

My favourite snack – durian cake. I like the lighter shaded one. Got one to try and it was so good. Much better than those that we bought from Malaysia one time.

There were a fresh snack stall within the supermarket itself too.

Lime juice specially for cooking purposes. Not for drinking as I thought.

Fresh produce section has lovely greens like limes. I got some rambutans too. S$1.50 for a de-stemmed pack of about a dozen.

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8 Responses to Golden Mile Complex: Little Thailand in Singapore

  1. Maria says:

    Fabulous! I wish I could find a place like that here. I’d go just for the talcum powder (which is beautiful) and the “no urinating” sign (which is beautiful in its own way!)

    • bookjunkie says:

      It was such a nice discovery. Glad B brought me here again 🙂 The last time it seemed chaotic and sleazy, but this time it was fun.

  2. now i feel like going there to look see.

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  5. joyce says:

    Gorgeous finds for a supermarket-lover like myself!

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