Back to Group Therapy where the People are Nice

Been here twice and on both occasions we had the warmest service. Thanks to the lovely ladies there who made us feel at home. Each time it was a different girl. On this visit D urged me to have a sip of her apple cider. I’ve never tried Cider before and it was good. The bottle it came in was so pretty. Tasted like very sweet wine to me. Also had to have a latte this time and that was good too. My sandwich was yummy albeit a little burnt on top and my D relished her eggs.

I was wondering what was it exactly about Duxton Hill that I liked. I think it’s the vibe of the people and shop owners here. At other places, I’ve witnessed customers being mean and impatient as well as service being abrupt and rude and I wonder why can’t people just be nice and a little more patient. It may sounds naive, but it would make Singapore so much more pleasant? Especially considering that it’s easy for tempers to flare in a crammed island where the temperatures seems to be rising due to global warming (doesn’t help matters – when temperatures rise, temperatures rise). A country where A type go-getters at all costs are envied over the more laid back, kinder individuals. I much prefer the company of the latter.

Love the high ceilings and the feeling of space here.

About my previous visit, which was also my very first visit, here.

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7 Responses to Back to Group Therapy where the People are Nice

  1. Laura says:

    I love cider, glad you ejoyed your first try!

  2. Have you tried the Plain? It’s nearby and you might like it. The service is probably one of the best I experience in Singapore.

  3. busboy says:

    Don’t bother with the plain. The service is superficial at best. They have ridiculous policies on birthday cake celebrations and are downright rude should you god-forbid dare to use their wall sockets.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Like to hear about all kinds of encounters so we can make informed decisions.

      They were polite to me when I was there though. I just didn’t like sitting at the very crowded communal table and it was not good for conversation.

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