Walking from Esplanade MRT to Purvis Street

I have no sense of direction, so I’m so thankful for google maps. However when I got off Esplanade MRT at Exit F, I breathed a sigh of relief. Raffles Hotel which is the first landmark was right before me across the road. I thought I would have to walk some distance to reach it, but no, which was great. Actually it took me just over 5 min to reach Purvis Street. Just keep walking straight after you see Raffles Hotel and soon enough, after passing the Seah Street sign and the Coffee chain TCC on the way you’ll end up at the junction of Purvis Street.

The Raffles Hotel always takes my breath away.

She emerges from the white frangipani trees.

One day I’d love to stay in one of those rooms. Wishful thinking.

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of our street lamps and fire hydrants and our uniquely Singapore architectural features.

And we’ve reached Purvis Street. Food haven.

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