First Thai at 23 Purvis Street: Most Satisfying Meal I’ve Had in a Long While

In Singapore, you don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to get the tastiest food. The best food is often found in coffee shops like First Thai.

Actually Purvis Street is quite the eating place, and if you can’t get a seat at First Thai which is often packed (and you’ll be asked to share tables which is no fun), you can try out the other simple restaurants on the street like Jai Thai and Saveur (both of which I want to try, especially Jai Thai). I’ve eaten at First Thai a couple of times before but it’s been some time since my last visit.

We got pineapple rice, green curry and tom yam soup. I’ve had better tom yam soup, that’s clearer and spicier, but B really loved First Thai’s version as he doesn’t like it overly spicy. I really loved the tasty pineapple rice which I could eat on it’s own. I found myself tasting spoonfuls of green curry, it’s so good and not too heavy. The Pad Thai was ok, but I still recall the amazing ones we had in Bangkok years ago.

Love that the plate was deep so that we could laden it with curry.

And the tissues on the mirrored wall at easy reach when the spices get to you.

Mosaic floors give me the most cosy feeling as they remind me of the good old days.

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