Tian Tian Curry Rice at Bukit Merah

Wanted to try a different Hainanese curry rice so we went to Tian Tian at Bukit Merah. I liked eating at coffeeshops much more than hawker centers. It’s always most pleasant and less crowded. Perhaps it’s because I prefer seats with more solid backs.

Wanted to like this so much (didn’t have to queue at all and we were served our dishes even though a sign indicated self service at the counter), but the curry rice just can’t beat what I had at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre recently. Or slightly better than Maxwell in terms of ingredients and sauces, the original Scissor-Cut Curry Rice near Little India. Looks like I still have to endure the queues if I want my fix.

When it comes to curry rice or any food, it’s all about your personal tastes so always taste it for yourself before you decided. The pork chops were a bit different and cooked with onions. Perhaps we should have ordered them without the sauce. The fried eggs were a lovely addition especially with the perfectly runny yolk. The pork balls were tasty too.

Even though there may be countless reviews praising a certain place, you may be the one solo person who does not quite fancy it as much, and that’s perfectly ok. I always feel that food tastes come from what we ate and liked during our childhood and a lot of it is nostalgia tinged.



Tian Tian Curry Rice
Blk 116, Bukit Merah View
Singapore 151116
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm
Closed: alt Monday

I didn’t realize that the branch at ION’s foodcourt is actually associated with this stall.

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  1. Lady J says:

    I didn’t realise that Tian Tian Chicken Rice also does the Hainanese Curry Rice. Gotta try it one day. Looks so good!

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