Yummiest Curry Rice at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

My favourite thing to order at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre is the Hainanese Curry Rice even though the most famous thing here is the Tian Tian Chicken Rice. I don’t care for Chicken Rice that much but my cousin tried it recently and said it was yummy.  There’s a perpetually long winding queue at this stall.

So back to the curry rice.  You have to queue up for it too, but the queue is not as bad as the chicken rice one and seems to move fast. And we decided to ta pau (Singlish for takeaway or to go) as it was impossible to get a seat near the stall.

So after we got our packets of rice we searched around and walked around quite a bit before we finally got a seat.  The crowds here are just crazy. It must be the most popular hawker centre around.   I wouldn’t mind at all if they renovated the place so that there would be more efficient use of space and more seats somehow. I don’t think that so many of the huge round tables are very efficient. Wish there were more 2 or  4 seaters. Also the seats are not very ergonomic and probably meant for very much shorter, skinnier people. I find the tables too low somehow.

You can read about my previous visits in Oct 2011 and Feb 2011.

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  1. Did you go in the afternoon for the curry rice? Go in the evening, no queue!

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