Yummy Sandwiches at Selfish Gene

I am hankering for the yummy ham sandwich at Selfish Gene Cafe. Tastes as good as what I’ve had at Cedele and at slightly kinder prices. The ambience at the cafe is much nicer too, although harder to get to as it’s not located within a mall or next to an MRT – but that’s a good thing sometimes. Coffee and chocolate drinks here – so much better than Cedele. That I can say with certainty, although I have to admit that Cedele sandwiches are pretty darn good.

The Iced Chocolate was one of the best I’ve had yet and I loved that they added fresh cream.

The Rose tea came with a wonderful scent – but only thing these are not real tea leaves but in a bag. Looked more like tea dust, but I thought the little pine tray and the way it was displayed – so lovely.

The carrot cake and the generous icing – scrumptious as well.

A peek at the menu, but more for my own reference for my next visit. I want to try everything on it.

It’s one place I have felt really relaxed and I hope it keeps that laid back vibe. In a way blogging about it makes it less of a secret, and I hope it doesn’t get too crowded. Guess I am selfish that way too although I do want the owners to succeed. The people here are all so polite and nice and I’d rather talk about places like these than more snooty ones who don’t value customers.

As we were walking from Tanjong Pagar MRT to our destination at 40 Craig Road saw this quote we liked at a nearby store.

Yes, definitely a relaxing afternoon.

You can read about my last visit here.

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6 Responses to Yummy Sandwiches at Selfish Gene

  1. Willyn says:

    The Iced Chocolate is one of my favorite ever! I always craved that everyday, I always buy that here in town, the looks are the same and the taste is creamy… so deli..:-)

  2. Laura says:

    Just catching up on your posts after my month away, I visited here the other day and thought it was a great place. I especially loved the carrot cake and that they warmed it up – possibly the nicest I’ve tasted in a long time (other than my Mum’s homemade variety).

    • bookjunkie says:

      The both times I came here I found the service really warm as well. Quite rare in Singapore and besides the great quality food that is what stood out for me 🙂 And the fact that I didn’t have to squeeze myself into tightly spaced tables 😉

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