Finding Serenity at our Botanic Gardens

After visiting the Gardens at the Bay, it left me longing for the more natural Botanic Gardens. So I implored to B to make a stop there one day. It was a brief stop but on the weekends the place is just too noisy and crowded. Too many folks screaming and much better on the weekdays. It’s not a library I know. But call me a fusspot, I like the quiet.

But just sitting at the square near the Botany Centre with the high ceiling and long ceiling fans on full spin, and watching the birds hop about was very relaxing. We usually go to the side nearer the visitor’s Centre but I like this side too. I just love the expanse of green and the old colonial buildings you can find near the Botany Centre where they have the labs cultivating orchids.

The new cafe Food for Thought looks a bit too crowded. The area used to have a food court with hawker food but now it’s all day breakfasts. Think I’ll soon get sick of all day breakfast menus if I see them everywhere.

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3 Responses to Finding Serenity at our Botanic Gardens

  1. Sofia says:

    How I love the botanic gardens in Singapore!!! Food for Thought is a cool name for a café – so they only serve breakfast the whole day? Is that a new trend in Singapore? Interesting…

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah all these all day breakfast places are sprouting up but I have yet to find one with pancakes as good as what I had in the US. I think they might offer other items like salad and sandwiches on the menu….I will check it out and blog about it one day 🙂

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