Epilogue Cafe at ION: Nice View, Disappointing Drinks

The only redeeming quality of the Epilogue cafe which replaces Jams cafe within the Prologue Bookstores (atas version of Popular) is the view and the fact that it’s a quiet place to have a peaceful break. The drinks were disappointing.

I found the Piccolo Latte bitter. But as with all my food opinion posts I can and often do change my mind, as in Singapore things can either improve or deteriorate. Service is often not consistent and when it is I tend to frequent those places a lot, even though for the sake of blogging, I should try only new ones.

The lighting feature was pretty cool. Very appropriate for a bookstore.

The Singapore Sling mocktail was terrible. Like diluted Ribena.

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2 Responses to Epilogue Cafe at ION: Nice View, Disappointing Drinks

  1. oh i was here for a food tasting. the food is really not bad at all. I didn’t drink the coffee so I wouldn’t know but the virgin mojito isn’t bad.

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