Batam Spa, Day Trip (Part 2 of 3)

We were taken around and shown the villa facilities. Various small rooms. The private pools were cool but I wasn’t very impressed by the dark bathrooms. Seems more like a rustic chalet than a hotel, and yes I am super finicky and always check out the bathrooms first. It’s the deciding factor for me when it comes to accommodation. To me the appeal of Batam is that I don’t need to stay over and can return to my comfy bed in Singapore.

Each room had a different theme and this was the India theme.

After the spa we were brought to a dining area for dinner which came with our special spa package. It was a simple but tasty Indonesian meal. We ordered a cake as we were celebrating my cousin’s birthday but we found the cake rather dry. The hospitality here is excellent though – so warm unlike back home in Singapore. Really worlds apart.

The interior of the spa. The only picture I took. It was a bit crammed as we had one room for three people. They ran out of individual rooms.

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3 Responses to Batam Spa, Day Trip (Part 2 of 3)

  1. Sofia says:

    The resort looks very authentic and pleasant! I love this style and ambiance… too bad they don’t allow any kids under 15 :-/ At least it is mentioned on the website, which I completely understand but you know… bad for me.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I didn’t realize kids were not allowed. Wonder if there is a spa out there just for kids where they can get something fun to do while mummy gets a massage? 🙂 Will blog about it if I do come across one nearby.

    • sweta says:

      Hey, I am looking for spa with kids in Batam.. did you find one? let me know please..

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