Regent Hotel: One of the Best Weekend High Teas in Singapore

Once in a while we go for high tea at a hotel. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Singapore and one of my favourite ways to spend the weekend. And recently we had a really satisfying treat from my sister at Regent Hotel. It was the weekend and the place was fully booked and we managed to get the first seating which means you’ll be presented the bill so that you leave by 2.30 pm. It’s Noon to 2.30 pm for the first seating. Although I did notice a couple of empty seats and wonder if those were cancellations as it’s so hard to get a seat here.

Service was excellent and we were warmly welcomed by the Food Service Manager there. He actually bowed and was charming indeed. Noticed that he spoke French to a group of French patrons and was very hospitable and polite to everyone there. From his accent it sounded like he might be from Eastern Europe. I’m not quite sure, but was impressed by the service he provided as well as the pianist who took requests. Not so much his staff. I preferred the service at Shangri-la when it came to the waitresses serving the tea. Much warmer service by the ladies at Shangri-la Hotel’s Rose Veranda. Preferred the ambience and tea selection at the Shang too, but the spread here was better.

The variety and quality of food was impressive. So much food it felt more like a lunch buffet. Equally as much savoury items as sweet. I know these were some of the cheaper items but I loved the satay and fried chicken wings. Didn’t care for the caviar and the sushi didn’t look that fresh to me. It was so hard for me to try everything. I was too full, even though I wanted to stuff myself some more.

I’ll start with the savoury, for which I had a preference over the sweet. First off I am a sandwich person and I loved the egg salad sandwiches.

The Zucchini ones were not bad as well.

The samosas went well with the mango chutney. The casing of the curry puff was a bit hard.

Was only recently introduced to duck pate by my cousin so decided to have some duck as well as pork pate here. She’s a lot more in the know than I am and I’ve learnt quite a bit from her.

The satay was so good. And to our delight, there were fried buns and chilli crab dip.

Now for the sweet. The lemon curd shortbread was so good and is something I would go if I revisit this high tea.


Clotted cream was provided. Really thick stuff that was hard to spoon onto the plate.

There were two types of scones. Luckily there were plain ones too, as my sister hates raisins.

The creme brulee was pretty good and got my cousin’s seal of approval. She’s the expert when it comes to desserts.

The tea was good but I still prefer the teas at TWG which has a much stronger scent. Guess I am a sucker for the fragrance of the teas. You can also pick a iced or hot chocolate or a coffee. You have an option of 2 drinks.


Appreciated the fine bone china tea sets.

Other items that I was too stuffed to try.

The macarons didn’t get my cousin’s seal of approval and that’s why I didn’t bother to try them.

Sushi didn’t look that fresh to me.

On my plate. I tried to be neat, but oh well. I have to mention that they did clear away the plates efficiently and didn’t let them pile up like I’ve experienced at some other buffets.

Didn’t care for the caviar. Probably not the good stuff. My first time trying this and it just tasted too fishy.

Me being greedy with the jams. Wanted to try them all.

The tea menu.


This was one place where they didn’t mind you taking photos. There were tourists with huge camera and zoom lenses having a field day. Or they could have been bloggers. I always think why stop people? The worst is when they tell you off rudely to embarrass you. There’s always a nice way to say things. It’s free advertising after all. Unless you are not proud of your selection and feel there is room for much critique. Maybe establishments stop people with cameras because they fear their ideas will be stolen? But like my cousin exclaimed, if someone wanted to steal ideas they won’t need to take a photo. They could just browse at the store a couple of times. But yeah stealing ideas is not cool at all. Cheaters never prosper. I frown on that. I would call out a store if I saw they were stealing ideas wholesale from someone else. Like I am so glad the marketplace style restaurant, The Village, closed down after they blatantly coped from the Swiss chain Marche. Don’t know the whole story, but that was just awful.

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