The Poster: My Sister Loves Shibly Prata

I was pretty excited when I came across a poster, just yesterday, using a quote of mine. Well actually the the blog title of my post about Shibly Prata. It was a post I wrote way back in July last year. Iain Hector, the artist wrote to me in a comment the next day, about whether I minded if he used my quote and I thought that it would be so cool. I was just thrilled that an artist would be inspired in any small way by what I wrote.

photo by bookjunkie

I forgot about it after that.

Till Bad Boy Tiar (that’s his twitter name) asked me on twitter where Shibly Prata was located since I was tweeting about prata and happiness.

I did a google search and was thrilled to come across this poster and my old blog post. Showed it to my sister who was tickled about it too. She said, “So do I get a free poster?” I said “No la. It’s limited to 20 copies and really expensive at 55 pounds”. But I’m so happy all the same. But wouldn’t it be cool if one was given to the owner of Shibly Prata to display?

I think it was wonderful that he saw beauty and something unique in what we all take for granted – carelessly chucked forks and spoons into a plastic container. Something that you can see at most prata shops. Often we think did they wash those properly? It hardly dawns on us that it could be Art. I love pop art like this from ordinary objects. Which is why I also loved the Andy Warhol exhibition.

Days like this make blogging worthwhile. You don’t have to make a cent to have a sense of satisfaction. I just love the synergy of it all. It makes me want to visit Shibly with my sister again. And maybe I should do a whole series about what my sister loves, and what my cousin loves. I’m smiling as I’m typing this.

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