Cat Socrates: A Little Store Tucked Away at Bras Basah Complex

Chanced upon this cool little knick knack store at Bras Basah Complex. What a cool name huh? Cat Socrates. A philosophizing cat. The Chesire cat from Alice and Wonderland immediately comes to mind.

As photos were not allowed inside (it’s good when a sticker is placed on the door so we know) I can just show you the store front. I absolutely loved the mint green bicycle placed in front of the store. Pretty vintage style bicycles do make the best decorations – the last time I saw one was inside the indie Cafe Group Therapy.

B commented that the young owners must love cats as he too was drawn to the pretty cat inside the store. He is more of an animal person than I am as I never had pets growing up, aside from fish. He liked the items too and got a phone case. They sell stationary, phone cases and yeah all those little things you don’t really need but can’t resist.

Found more information about the store and owner here.

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12 Responses to Cat Socrates: A Little Store Tucked Away at Bras Basah Complex

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  2. carrotoh says:

    i m in love with this place.

  3. Ah.. I was at bras basah complex on Wednesday but missed this. I must explore it the next time I’m there!

  4. Amy says:

    Can I bring my cat into the shop?

  5. Lady J says:

    Friend mentioned this place in passing. Did u like the stuff there? Wanna go and check it out now.. hehe

  6. Katrijn says:

    Went because of your post and loved it! I really had to hold to on my wallet with two hands not to walk away with the entire inventory. Managed to leave with just a small sample :). It’s right next door to the library, so I’m afraid I’ll be stopping by more often!

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