Sembawang Beach Park: Can’t Wait for the Renovation to be Completed

My partner was very disappointed to find Sembawang beach under renovation. He really likes the laid back nature of this place and doesn’t want it to change. I have to confess I am looking forward to the change and a cleaner beach closer to what Changi Beach is like but perhaps one or two nice sea facing cafes? An extended timber deck with more of the sea front to gaze at sounds dreamy. All these especially dining places might bring in the crowds though.

Can’t help but recall that during the last elections the opposition party talked about cleaning up the beaches. Looks like the government is following up on their great idea. Or is the place being cleaned up because there were homeless people setting up camp here? Previously I thought they were camping but I read somewhere that they were actually homeless. That was so sad. I don’t like to talk too much about politics these days but this is why I like having more parties. It’s better for the people. A more consultative style.

We drove a bit further up and managed to get to the sea where there was fishing going on. I actually saw the waves getting stronger and soon the rain came down in fat warm drops.




Watched as people reeled in their fishing lines – nothing. Guess with the ships on the horizon this area is to polluted for fish. And too choppy as well I guess.

There’s something that truly appeases my nerves – the sound of the waves.

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6 Responses to Sembawang Beach Park: Can’t Wait for the Renovation to be Completed

  1. hiriz says:

    any idea when the renovation will be completed?

  2. mizella says:

    Sembawang Park is already completed. Go check it out! 😀

  3. jas says:

    did u go again? how is it?

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